zDen blocks out light so you can sleep during the day when it is light out. If you work the night shift or are a shift worker, zDen can help you get quality sleep.

Revitalize Your Rest with zDen: The Original Portable Light Blocking Sleep Den

Are restless nights and limited sleep hours keeping you from being your best self? Dive into the "zDen Effect". This isn't just a product, zDen's patent pending design is revolutionary. By creating the optimal blackout environment that shields 99% of light, zDen shifts your sleep paradigm. Forget about traditional sleep aids. This is about embracing a transformational sleep tool that promotes better sleep. Prepare to redefine what it means to have a good night's sleep.

Start Your Better Sleep Journey

"Incredible Invention!! The zDen has proven itself to be a valuable asset to getting good, reliable sleep at any time!! It really blocks out the light, is very roomy, and I breathe easy while the flaps are closed or not. I bought 2 of these (the other for a sibling) and they have helped us to wake very refreshed, especially if you work 3rd shift and sleep during the day!" — Matt V.

zDen allows you are to sleep anytime, anywhere like Katherine and her pup taking a power nap during the day

Unlock the Health Benefits of Quality Sleep

Imagine waking up rejuvenated, with improved mental and physical well-being. zDen not only helps you fall asleep faster but also sustain longer, uninterrupted sleep. The potential benefits? From improved memory and a stronger immune system to enhanced energy levels and heart health, the perks are endless. You can also get better:

  • Concentration and Cognitive Abilities
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Reaction Time
  • Muscle Recovery, and more
Ambient light in bedroom can affect sleep health, cause sleep latency. zDen sleep aid can help without melantonin

Protect Your Health by Minimizing Light Exposure

Take control of your sleep environment to protect your health. Overexposure to light can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle and overall health. With zDen, you can instantly block out 99% of intrusive light, promoting higher quality sleep. Whether you're in a well-lit room or dealing with daylight, experience better sleep and better health with zDen.

zDen block lights in college dorms or shared sleep spaces for better sleep. Better than blackout curtains.

Easy Set-up & Perfect for Shared Spaces

In seconds, set up zDen — your quick and portable ally for achieving unparalleled sleep quality, anywhere and anytime.

Sleep well, together — Late-night studiers or early risers don't affect your sleep. zDen's got you covered.

Sleep Better Now
zDen better sleep Apple Watch SleepScore Excellent score. More deep sleep, Sleep deeper.

Discover the difference: Preliminary data reveals zDen can supercharge your SleepWatch Score™ by an impressive 331 points/day. This improvement is likely due to zDen's ability to block light, enable faster sleep onset, and increase deep sleep.

Blackout Curtains vs. zDen: Level-Up Your Sleep Game

Blackout curtains work for outdoor light, but what about your roommate's late-night study session and bathroom nightlight? zDen blocks out all light sources — promoting higher quality sleep. UPGRADE TO zDEN

“22-hour summer daylight in Alaska; we needed a SLEEP SOLUTION and zDen was IT!”

Struggling with endless daylight throwing off your sleep? You're not alone. In places like Alaska, where the sun hardly sets, getting quality sleep becomes a challenge. The culprit? Excessive light messes with your melatonin levels and confuses your body's natural sleep-wake cycle. But don't worry, zDen is here to help. Specifically designed to block out 99% of light, zDen gives you the power to create your own nighttime, anytime.

Ready to transform your nights?

zDen helps with sleep divorce by blocking light in shared sleep spaces. A sleep aid tool without sleep medication.

Avoid Sleep Divorce

Strengthen your relationship with uninterrupted sleep. zDen allows both you and your partner to enjoy different activities without disturbing each other's sleep, fostering a healthier and happier relationship.

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zDen — A Trusted Addition to Your Sleep Health Regimen

Dealing with light-sensitive conditions such as insomnia, sleep apnea, or restless leg syndrome (RLS)? What about migraines that make sleep nearly impossible? While zDen isn't a standalone treatment, it's an invaluable addition to any sleep health regimen. It blocks 99% of light, creating an ideal environment to complement your prescribed therapies. Plus, it's CPAP-friendly, featuring pass-through slots for standard hoses. Make zDen your go-to for a more restful, healthful sleep.

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