Give your pet the cozy comfort they crave

zDen Pets Cozy is an innovative, calming sleep space for pets, designed for ultimate comfort and tranquility.

Most pet beds don't cater to our pets' natural instincts. In the wild, animals seek out enclosed, safe spaces for rest and sleep. It's a primal instinct that still lingers in our domesticated pets. Yet, most pet beds on the market do nothing to satisfy this need.

Enter zDen Pets Cozy. It's not just a sleeping spot for your pet; it's a private haven where your pet can escape from the world, find security, and experience quality rest or sleep.

Pets are more than just animals — they’re family

zDen Pets Cozy is here to revolutionize the way your pets rest, providing a unique, enclosed space unlike any other pet bed on the market. 

As pet parents, we want the absolute best for them, and that includes their rest and relaxation.

Imagine a private oasis where your pet can retreat, rest, and rejuvenate after a day full of exploration and play. That's what zDen Pets Cozy offers. Our unique pet bed goes beyond the traditional to provide an inviting space where your pet can truly relax. Because when your pet gets better rest, they live better lives.


Sized just right: zDen Pets Cozy is designed to comfortably fit pets up to 25 pounds, with approximate dimensions of 22" wide by 16" tall by 18" deep.

Washable Plush Pad: Each zDen Pets Cozy comes with a removeable, plush pad for added comfort and convenience.

Personalized Comfort: zDen Pets Cozy includes a plush pad, but you can add your pet's favorite bed or blankets to make it their own.

Non-Toxic: We prioritize your pet's safety. The material used for the cozy den is certified non-toxic.

Portable: zDen Pets Cozy is lightweight (< 1 lb without the pad) and portable (~13" diameter in carrying bag), making it perfect for both at home and when travelling.

Easy to Use: With its pop open, no assembly required, design, your pet can start enjoying their cozy haven in no time.